Principal Data Scientist

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Principal Data Scientist

Job description

DirecTech Labs is hiring a Principal Data Scientist to join its team! This role will play an integral part in the building, growing and nurturing of our maturing predictive analytics start-up. You'll have a chance to drive the behavioral intelligence that powers our actionable analytics and global messaging platform with over a million users and 20 million lifecycles in our database. You will be a key member of the data science team working to improve current behavioral models, develop new ones, and prove the efficacy and business impact of our global messaging and alerts. You’ll also support the product team in the creation and validation of new analytics for our dashboard.

We are looking for a mixture between a statistician, machine learning expert and engineer with an interest in predictive analytics and an ability to communicate their ideas and findings in a comprehensive and digestible way to business persons and IT alike: someone who has a passion for building data products and services, especially ones that seek to understand, segment and predict human behavior. The ideal candidate has experience with creating insights and predictions around human behavior, understands the principles of behavioral science and knows what to look for in the data to generate meaningful insight.

If you're a scrappy builder backed by deep data analytics experience and looking to play a pivotal role within a maturing startup, this one is for you.

What You'll Do:

  • Gather, evaluate and document business requirements, translate to data science solution definitions, and implement solutions using such tools and languages as SageMaker, Jupyter Notebooks, Spark, Tensor Flow and Python.
  • Analyze all data from all available sources (e.g. behavioral, sales, performance, social) to identify and inform Product and Customer Experience teams areas of opportunity for product performance insights, optimization and future features.
  • Leverage your statistical and computational knowledge along with a passion for human behavior to design and build algorithms to solve challenging problems.
  • Ability to design and build an end-to-end prototype data science solution to a business problem
  • Build a behavioral profile and segmentation model aggregating personal attributes, psychologic attributes, past and predicted future behaviors to create customer genomes.


About You:

  • You have a MS in Statistics, Machine Learning, or Predictive Analytics from a Tier 1 University
  • You have 8+ years creating predictive models using advance machine learning techniques
  • You have proven work examples of turning significant amounts of data into informative/insightful actions through various statistical techniques that turn into explosive and accurately measured business results
  • You have an expert command of statistical analysis, algorithm development, and state-of-the-art tools and methodologies for data science
  • You have previous experience building advanced ML algorithms for prediction of churn, predicting the future lifetime value of a person, predicting future customer behavior and predicting upsell/cross sell opportunities
  • Proficiency in methods in analytics and data science algorithms including decision trees, probability networks, association rules, clustering, regression, and neural networks.
  • You have an expert command of SQL and Python as applied to data science with experience
  • You have excellent communication and presentation skills to be able to manage expectations both up, down and outside the organization
  • You don't shy away from a challenge, are curious and looking to make a big impact
  • You are comfortable wearing multiple hats and want to get your hands dirty
  • You know how to spot an issue (technical or interpersonal) and can tactfully and effectively resolve it before pressure starts to build
  • You are a critical thinker, not afraid to question and be questioned
  • You take your own initiative to identify and solve problems without needing a hierarchical structure to tell you what to do
  • You love to explain your work and are great at helping people understand and believe in your results

Bonus Points if:

● You already have experience in the direct sales industry, gig economy company or another account based industry (insurance, real estate, etc…)

● You know that game theory is more than just “Points” and loyalty programs.

What You'll Get:

  • An amazing company culture that encourages creativity, personal growth, work/life balance, fun and teamwork.
  • The chance to work for a “data” company building “data” products.
  • Working with "A Players" across the organization.
  • Huge opportunity to build something in an industry that is hungry for solutions.
  • Competitive salary, fully paid health benefits and paid vacation in the business you help create!

Employment Type: Full-Time – REMOTE- ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!